20230407 Updates

WARNING: Sexual Content

⬤ A new Pudding Club remix of Macula Dog's Neosporin is out today. Find it on their new Neosporin Remixes EP.

wnoadiarwb.us/shows - a list of live shows, performances, & events - has been added to the WNOADIARWB index.

⬤ An excerpt from a Pudding Club guitar performance at King's Leap with accompaniment from Cal Fish's sound sculptures is available on SoundCloud:

wnoadiarwb · 20230330 - Pudding Club & Cal Fish Live @ King's Leap

⬤ 20230330 "PORNO" - a new book of erotic drawings is available for sale or trade at WNOADIARWB shows.

⬤ Insecurity: Guitars as Penis
Playing guitar is to be bare ass naked and swinging a penis around.
Should I play soft or rock hard?
Guitar players are all perverts.

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