I’m in a big orange and pink lobby for a graduation ceremony. The graduation is in a large blue auditorium on my left that I do not enter. I keep getting caught in conversations with peers and family around the lobby. For some reason, I need to finish a comic book before I graduate. I dodge conversations until I find my way out of the building and into a forest with clearings and large stones. I frantically run around talking to people hiking through the forest and attempt to finish my comic with information and wisdom they provide. I look down at the comic and see, glued in between the pages, are many unfamiliar paper-back books. I begin to peel the books out of the comic; the glue is still moist allowing me to extract each book without hurting the pages of the comic. It feels like pulling Elmer’s glue off your fingers. But the physical satisfaction is overshadowed by the stress and dread I feel about completing the now damp and empty comic.

Newly added to wnoadiarwb.us/shows: May 27th at The Meat Locker in Montclaire, NJ.
No robots. Poster by Jo Roman and Sam Unger.

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