ARTIST:Otto Benson
TITLE: Bobbery
DATE RELEASED:2023-12-31 23:55:00 EST
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1. Gentle Push (03:31)
2. Corn Syrup (04:08)
3. Beijing Étude (02:47)
4. Onion (02:59)
5. I'm Thirsty (02:55)
6. Placebo (02:46)
7. Bulk Option (03:17)
8. 135790713510923 (04:32)
9. Pens & Pencils Scramble (03:13)
10. Run to Catch a Train in the Jungle Heat (01:18)

⚠️ Warning: Loud & Abrasive Electronic Music 🙉⚠️

Personal Notes:
Tracks made on my laptop with Juicys earbuds and Shure SRH440 headphones between 2017-2020.

I want to apologize to my listeners who were expecting a more relaxing record. This record is from the same batch of music as “Clam Day” and “World Greetings.” Some of this music has been on SoundCloud for years but I felt it needed to be honored in a more formal context.

For a long time I’ve been obsessed with trash, industrial waste, and material toxicity. One of my ways of dealing with this obsession has been attempting to describe/sonify it through electronic music. I wasn’t able to get it fully across with Clam Day and World Greetings, but all of this electronic music is supposed to be made from the industrial sludge, the shitting bowels of the giant globalized industrial body we’re all swimming around in. What kind of music emanates from this plastic toxic goop on the streets, landfills, water, homes, food, and bodies?

Proceeds from this release will be sent to a mutual aid network in Gaza and the Freedom Theatre in Jenin refugee camp:
-Mutual Aid
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