Nasty acrylic paintings on drawing paper.
"What would you like?"

"Thumby Princess"

"Kiss me, kiss me"

This is where things began to fall apart & my brush got really sludgey (I was trying to not use any water)
"We will spend the night in this cave. Play some trumpet PLEASE!!! THANK YOU!!!"

While I was painting I listened to a few old mixtapes from my parents' collection. Not much new to share but lots of Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, Laurie Anderson.

Went out for a very long savory walk after getting a negative COVID test. It was a snowy day + Sunday, so not too many other pedestrians. There were barely any boats on the East River except the Staten Island Ferry in the distance. The water was very calm and made a beautiful lapping sound against the piers. I walked by a bundled-up worker salting a narrow portion of icy sidewalk and they turned to me with a huge grin and asked "And how are you?!" I said good thanks and they said either "enjoy" or "joy" as I walked past.

Field recording of sentient disassembling steel furniture.

Fast crayon drawings of John Entwistle documentary clip from YouTube.

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