The bell which rings when I slam my bodily mass upon my childhood bunk bed.

Graffiti removal blemishes and tubes.

Hi, so this is a fairly new experiment. I am still figuring out formatting and what I really want to get out of 'the Slog' but it's mostly just an open notebook for me to shamelessly overshare bad art, pictures, words—any miscellaneous thoughts. A log of content and abstractions I find valuable in some capacity, but which are a departure from the news, memes, etc. I've been pretty stiff and intentional with my posts thus far but I hope to get more comfortable and messy with it. If it's anything like my paper journals, it could get pretty abstract. And because it's in a relatively low-traffic space that requires readers to intentionally seek out, I feel a lot better about getting funky. For readers, I hope it's just a useful space to hop in and out for entertainment or inspiration. If you want to share or save any of the content, feel free. Just talk to me first if you plan to make money off of it.

In terms of format, I'm going for completely bare HTML with no CSS whatsoever. Just text, images, and other media floating in a browser. But this rule may change if format issues arise.
It's also a retro, "Web 1.0" experiment; there's something very charming to me about the "read-only" era of the internet with personal sites & blogs, especially coming from the modern "Web 3.0" context.
I have intense "Web 3.0" fatigue during this pandemic. I cannot tell you how much time I've wasted on YouTube watching Vladimir Putin videos. "I'm so tired please, let me sleep!!" I scream to myself every night before bed to which my ID replies "but he is so interesting! We will watch one more..." all while the YouTube algorithm smugly monitors every dark corner of my subconscious, slipping in the next Putin clickbait title or another vaguely-interesting mushroom video into the suggested videos column.
What I'm trying to say is that I hope this platform, however pretentious & self-involved it may be, serves as a grounding refuge from whatever dystopic webscape we currently exist in.

Also if you're out there, feel free to holler at me. Or if you have any general questions, comments, complaints, grammar/spelling mistakes even (the IDE I type all this in has no spell check), let me know: puddingclub3333 [at] gmail [dot] com ♥
If you email me recommendations for art/music/content, I could share it in Slog. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Let's experiment.

Remembering the late Milford Graves who I had the great privilege of learning about through my friend Lena. An endless inspiration. Check out Milford Graves Full Mantis (2018) directed by Jake Meginsky, which documents Graves' kaleidoscopically rich practices and autodidactic approach.

More disgusting paintings. This one is with expired acrylic and gouache on drawing paper. "Fucking delicious meal," the glutton thinks to himself, leaning back in his chair. I'm not fond of the violence in this one but it's coming from somewhere and I'm trying not to fight that.

Taken on a late night walk. Almost all the other pedestrians I saw were accompanied by dogs.

The Beast behind the Beard Street Warehouse in Red Hook.

Two cats with bullet-proof composure watching traffic in Red Hook. I said a weak "hi" to them which they completely ignored.

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