Собрание оригинальных рисунков и переписка Папе хранится в отделе рукописей Стэнфордского университета, «Guide to the Frank Cheyne Papé Letters and drawings, ca. 1921—1931

You tap decline and put your phone back into your pocket. It's a windy day. A strong gust blows a mixture of leaves and dust into your face. Your eyes instinctually shut as specks of dust get caught in your eyes.

"I CAN'T FUCKING SEE," you shriek.

After wiping your eyes you continue walking toward the NQR Subway station. Commuters walk in and out of the station entrance. The token booth is empty. A man hovers in the entrance of a turnstile, swiping insufficiently valued metrocards from a thick stack.

You fish out your wallet and attempt to slide out your metrocard. Your hand slips and you drop the wallet, scattering numerous cards and dollar bills. You scramble to pick up your possessions and get through the turnstile as quickly as possible under the watchfull eyes of the man with many metrocards.

He's kind of cute.

After passing through the turnstile, you walk onto the platform and mindlessly check your Facebook news feed. There's a tap on your shoulder. It's the man with many metrocards.

"Here," he says, "you dropped this."

He hands you an expired metrocard that you didn't care to pick up.

"Oh... no thanks... you can keep it," you say.

"Okay," he replies, sliding the metrocard into his thick wad of cards bound by a rubber band. He looks back up at you and says, "hey... can I have your number?"

Say no.

Say yes.