You wake up the next morning at 4:30 AM. What horrible nightmares! You walk into the living room.

You turn on a lamp in your living room and notice a streak of blood on the floor.

You stand up and walk toward the blood. The blood seems to lead beneath the front door and into the hallway. In your pajamas, you open the door quietly and follow the blood trail into the stairwell.

In the corner of a stairwell landing, a small rabbit lays on its back, clutching a bullet wound.

Ewwwwwww!!! It's soooo disgusting!

It's still breathing.

It looks at you and says:

"Brian ♥
He say 'gimme kiss' ♥
I love him ♥ he my boyfriend
I do what he say I do"

The rabbit closes its eyes and dies.

Who is Brian? That name sounds familiar. What is going on?

You go back upstairs and get ready to meet Jared or you walk further down the stairs and try to find whoever shot the poor rabbit.