You commute to the office. My gosh it's such a windy day.

You find Jared waiting for you in front of the office.

"Listen, Babygirl. You gotta trust me," Jared says.

"You're freaking me out, Jared. I just want to go to work and continue with my life! Why do you have to pursue me like this?!"

"Baby... I'm sorry. I love you. I may not be a perfect man. But, I know what I am and nobody will ever be able to take that away from me and what I am is what I want and what I want is you. But, I don't just want you. See... I'm not like these other guys. You're my girl and I need you. You need to trust me. I want your love and your heart because you're a gem. You're my everything. Now come on now don't let me down. If you're my everything then, without you, I'm nothing. So, I need you. I need you so I can be something so I can do something. So I can say something. I have something to say. I need you baby. I need you so I can say what I want to say! And don't worry... you can trust me :)"

"I think I understand..." you reply, "I love you. Lets get out of here."

You and Jared run to the train station and take the train to port authority. Jared already bought tickets to Reisterstown, Maryland. The two of you run to your terminal and hop onto the bus just as the doors close.