You wake up on the floor of an enormous convention center. Hundreds of people in furry suits meander across the vast, carpeted room. You get up and walk toward a wood-panelled wall and sit in a dark-brown folding chair.

A furry approaches you and takes off his helmet. His eyes are a dark amber, glimmering under the rows of fluorescent lights across the ceiling.

"Hey, hottie. You're so beautiful. My lovely woman."

He takes out a digital camera and begins to photograph you. The flash is blinding. You cover your face with your hands.

"Oh, I'm sorry baby..." he says. He holds out his hand. You take it and exit the convention center. The two of you walk over to his 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII. He peels off the rest of his furry costume and stuffs it into the trunk.

You get into the passenger seat while he starts the engine. Pantera's Cemetery Gates erupts from the stereo. The Lincoln pulls out of its parking spot and drives away.